It’s been just over two months and like most of you I have had to pivot and completely change the way I deliver my services. I have gone from driving to clients homes, gyms and golf clubs to staying in my office where I do virtual personal training sessions and virtual fitness classes.  In all honesty, while I’ve certainly saved $ on gas, I really do miss interacting, in-person with people. The energy from a full class of participants to the banter and updates from clients – I’m really missing it all. 
I know I’m not alone with this feeling. Everyone I’ve spoken too recently has said they miss human contact more than they ever thought they would and are questioning what our new normal will eventually look like. I wish I had the answers for you here but things are slowly coming back as we roll out phase one so many we’ll be together soon.
One thing I do know is virtual training and classes will not be ending anytime soon so if you are still looking for a way to workout or for a personalized training plan, feel free to reach out. 
Sending you loads of positive vibes.