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Personal Training and Crushing Goals

Personal Training


Shout out to my client Karen as she enters her second year of personal training and continues to crush her goals.

Karen came to me in the spring of 2017, a year after recovering from liver cancer surgery and with a new injury – frozen shoulder. While she was already an active person Karen wanted to regain her strength and up her game. She set herself a very big goal of riding 60K that fall, for Wellspring, a cancer support not-for-profit that had helped her. She wasn’t going to let a little thing like never having seriously cycled before, loss of her core muscles from surgery, and limited shoulder mobility get in her way.

My goal was to build her core and leg strength so she wouldn’t need to lean on her handle bars as much and take the strain off her shoulder. Her legs had lots of muscle memory and began to regain shape and strength quickly but because of her abdominal scar tissue pain, we had to take the core exercises slowly. Within weeks of doing small, mobility exercises for her shoulder, her range in motion improved dramatically and with focused strength exercises her leg and core strength returned. Along with her twice-weekly training sessions, I developed a 9-week training program for her riding that increased in distance and intensity. On race day Karen did it, she crushed her goal and only had the muscle pain any of us would have after riding 60k!

“Her “of course you can do that!” attitude encouraged me and her skillful and well thought out workouts and training plan got me to my goal and beyond. I’m fitter than I’ve been in years and so glad to have her as a trainer.”

This year, she’s staying strong and setting new goals: complete a five day kayak trip this summer and plans to do another cycling fundraiser this fall, this time for St. Joes where she had her surgery.

Another goal crushed!

There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer: accountability, efficiency, personalized workouts, motivation and instruction to name a few. A trainer is going to help you reach your goals faster than without one so get ready to crush it!



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