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By December 30, 2020 No Comments
Like everyone else I’m so happy to say goodbye to 2020. It’s been a year of stress, sadness, self-reflection and sincerity and the expectation that 2021 is going to be so much better is high. I read a great article in the @nytimes about managing our expectations as the calendar turns to a new day and new year because I hate to be the one that tells you but January 1 is not going to be a life changing day (unless you are one of the lucky people getting vaccinated that day!).

To help manage your expectations here are the highlights of the NY Times article:

Plan small treats – Reward yourself with something you can look forward to.

Define what matters – Define who and what it important to you.

Stay in the moment – “Endurance sports psychology tells us that the body is capable of far more than the brain believes. (If someone had told you in March how long the pandemic would last, would have thought you could handle it?) So focus on the moment, not the big picture.

Take control – Have something to decide upon and accomplish in a day.

Find flexibility and tolerance – Do something where you don’t quite know how it’s going to turn out because this forces you to tolerate uncertainty (aka lockdown for months).


Here’s to a healthy and happy 2021!