Meet Andrea Rossi. Owner of Holistic Harmony Health & Wellness. Andrea is a Holistic Practitioner and focusses on what we put in our bodies, what our body’s energy is doing and what allergies, digestive issues or food intolerances we may currently have and not even realize.
We all know that what goes in our bodies is as, or even more important than, what we do to burn the calories off our bodies. Andrea helps with this process by educating and working with her clients to fully understand what is going on with the whole body.

I wanted to ask Andrea a few questions and get her advice on how I can improve overall performance by understanding my body’s energy and my gut health.

Me: Holistic Practitioner sounds like you take care of the whole person. Is that the correct description?

Andrea: Absolutely! As a Holistic Nutritionist and a BioEnergetics Practitioner, I’m looking at what’s going on in your body on all levels: physically from an energetic and cellular level through to what’s going on emotionally and how it’s affecting you as a whole: mind, body, and spirit.

Me: What can I do in my daily life to improve my overall performance? Of course, my ultimate goal is to run faster, but even having more energy at the end of my busy day would be a bonus. Help!

Andrea: Understanding what foods your body is most in alignment with is key. Some people can have intolerances to even “healthy” foods like broccoli, or even avocados! If you’re consuming foods that are not in alignment with your body, it will ultimately create inflammation and slow you down.

Me: What is one simple thing we could all do to improve our health?

Andrea: I’m a huge advocate of optimizing digestive health. Our gut is the gas tank of our bodies. If it’s rusted and full of holes, it won’t matter what you’re fueling yourself with, you’re not going to go very far. Be mindful of what your gut is trying to tell you. Are you bloated? Do you get heartburn? Are you having irregular bowel movements? If you’re digestive system is off, the simplest thing to try is to remove gluten and dairy (which are sticky and inflammatory foods) and see how your body reacts.