The holidays are fast approaching which can mean added stress and frustration to an already busy life. But here’s the thing, this holiday happens every year and every year people get incredibly worked up about it. Try to remember that it’s ok to be not completely through your to-do list by now or even started, your family and friends are not going to judge you based on how quickly you can get stuff done but they will be disappointed if you are so stressed out and tired that you can’t enjoy their company.
So here are a few tips that ‘may’ help you survive the holidays. 🤞
1. Be present. We only have this moment, appreciate it and savour it.
2. Have a deeper conversation. Ask questions, then listen.
3. Reduce time spent on your phone and tune in to your surroundings.
4. Schedule a workout. Seriously.
5. Eat well. One bad day isn’t going to throw things off but one week will.
6. Get some sleep. Switch off from technology 1 hour before bedtime.
And most importantly don’t stress about one day, keep it in perspective and enjoy the moment. 😍