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Why Adding Massage Therapy Helps Prevent Injuries

By September 26, 2019 No Comments

Rosemary Muraca is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Therapeutic Ultrasound, Certified Therastone Massage Therapist, and Certified Low Level Laser Therapist and Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. That’s a whole lot of certifications!

I’m a believer in massage to maintain my overall health not just when I have an injury. I see Rosemary religiously every three weeks and she keeps my body from breaking down especially with all the classes and now increased mileage I do. So I thought I’d ask Rosemary why massage therapy is so important not just to athletes but to every BODY.

Me: I love you. Really. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without your skills. Why is massage therapy an important part of a person’s self-care?

RM: You’re the sweetest Jo-Anne:)) I truly love helping others achieve optimum health results in conjunction with their workout regime. Massage therapy is important to one’s self care because it helps decrease anxiety and stress, insomnia, pain, and can improve blood pressure and mental health.

Me: I’m sure you get asked this a lot but can massage therapy help with weight loss?

RM: Lymphatic massages can help rid the body of excess fluid such as water weight but not body fat. It can help with the appearance of cellulite by breaking the subcutaneous tissue when done frequently.

Me: What recommendations do you have to stay injury free?

RM: Preventative care and maintenance is essential to staying injury free. Massage therapy increases blood circulation and prevents muscle spasms and trigger points from occurring in the muscles. When manipulating the muscles with massage techniques, the joints and surrounding tissue will glide effortlessly. This will achieve a pain-free range of motion. For those leading an active lifestyle, they tend to overstress the body and push through the pain. I usually recommend a massage therapy treatment every 2-3 weeks to prevent hypertonicity to the muscles. This will prevent injuries, pain and inflammation.

Me: Can we try Reflexology sometime soon? Why would it be good for me?

RM: Absolutely! Everyone should try reflexology. Reflexology is the one modality that can be performed on anyone especially if massage therapy is contraindicated due to medical reasons.  Reflexology works every organ, gland and body part through the reflexes of the body. The most common area for reflexology is the feet. Common ailments reflexology helps manage are: insomnia, musculoskeletal pains, anxiety and stress, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and many more. It aids the body by eliminating any toxins that cause an imbalance in the body especially during times of stress, illness, injury or disease. A specific technique is performed by a certified reflexologist and is used on the feet to detect for any tiny, gritty and sandy like deposits that cause an imbalance to the body. Once these blockages are released the body will facilitate healing.


You can also follow Rosemary @crystalhealingbracelets and learn how crystals can help with mood, performance and injury prevention. Truth!




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