Eating for fuel has been my motto for years and it has got me through busy weeks of fitness classes, training sessions and of course running long distances. Because I’m not a foodie, I find it difficult to get excited about food so I make basic recipes and try to include protein, fat and carbs in most meals. A couple of sources for good tasting, healthy recipes that I turn to are cookbooks like Run Fast, Eat Slow and Oh She Glows Every Day. Both have been well thumbed and I’ve tried most of the recipes in each book.

I’ve had a few enquiries into what I eat and how I fuel my runs and workouts so I wanted to share a bit of what I do. First off, as I just said, I am not a foodie and don’t eat red meat or pork. Nothing against it, I just don’t like the taste or what it does to my stomach. Secondly, I eat my dinner really early in the day – like early, 3:00ish as I teach classes most evenings or have clients so I’m not home until after 8:00 and couldn’t go that long without eating. So my typical day may look like this:


Steel Cut Oats (Uncle Ben’s 3 minute) with almond milk, topped with chia seeds, flax seed, walnuts and banana. I’ll have this about 4-5x week

Alternatively I’ll have eggs, spinach, cherry tomato and toast (with almond butter)


If I don’t have eggs for breakfast I’ll often have them for lunch with an avocado and tomato.

Alternatively, hard boiled egg, salad with cucumber and carrots, hummus with Mary’s crackers


Half a bone in chicken breast, sweet potato and some veg

Alternatively, salmon, roast potato and veg

Snack – after classes

Yoso coconut yogurt (unflavoured), topped with Oh She Glows granola (easy to make), almond butter (1 TBL) and fruit

Alternatively, Skinny Pop popcorn.

I do try and mix it up a bit but honestly find it hard and time consuming trying new recipes. I tend to go to old favourites. Oh and in the winter months, soups. I make loads of soups and freeze them so a typical dinner or lunch would be turkey soup with loads of veg and good bread. Speaking of which my new favourite bread is Black Bird Baking Co from Kensington market multigrain sourdough! To die for!

I did a blog post last year with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist Clare Hickey where we discuss some common questions I get asked about nutrition. You can read it here.


Fitness + Nutrition = Healthy Lifestyle

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