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Client Feature – Defining Dedication

By December 4, 2019 No Comments

I wanted to feature my client Remelyn because she epitomizes the word DEDICATION. Dedicated to her family, friends and her love of golf. As much as I love running, Remelyn loves golfing 10x more. And she’s good at it. You know why? Dedication. She’s dedicated to being the best player she can be through hard work on and off the course. We’ve been working together twice a week for over two years with a focus on improving her strength, mobility and stamina.

I asked Remelyn a few questions about why she loves golf so much and how she sees her dedication to her fitness is paying off.

Me: What makes a good golfer?

RM: Taking lessons. Practicing often – especially short game. Playing smart not harder. Staying calm and concentrating on one golf shot at a time – focusing on targets and maintaining patience. Having confidence in every golf shot and accepting results, whether the ball is out of play, lost or on the fairway. Keeping yourself in a in neutral mindset the whole time – in a zone mode!

Most of all, I enjoy playing golf with my husband and daughter, and friends, in a fun regular game or in competition.

Me: How has cross training improved your game?

RM: Cross training helps me in a number of ways.

First, I think the strength training gives me more power which helps me to get longer distance with golf shots.

Also, I have more stamina which lets me maintain my energy throughout my round.

Finally, my coordination and core strength overall are stronger and my flexibility is better which helps me with my golf swing. Having a great trainer definitely is helping me with my golf game. Thank you Jo-Anne!

Me: If I play a round of golf with you, will you run with me?

RM: You’re on!

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